Saturday, February 18, 2012

No MoRe TuKtUkS!!

Today is the last day of India's enrichment week, which has been fun, but I will for sure be ready to leave for China at 1:30 tonight (love these flights). After 7 weeks of near death in the streets of Indian cities, almost getting run over by tuk tuks (the auto rickshaws) and ACTUALLY getting run over by bicycles, I'm ready for some peaceful Chinese country village time. And for some plain white rice, please - I got food poisoning this week which was awful and ruined my perfect attendance record.

But enrichment week HAS been cool. If I weren't sitting at the most rundown internet cafe in Delhi I'd post some pictures of sunrise at the Taj Mahal and various other tombs and forts we visited. We spent a little time in Agra but have mostly been exploring Delhi, especially the markets around our hotel. We also discovered a restaurant, Chokolat, that has waffles and delicious shakes, though sadly I've been too sick to really indulge.

Oh, I forgot about the whole leaving Jaipur thing. It was really really sad saying goodbye to the women in our computer class. On our last day we had a little party, playing musical chairs and singing and dancing instead of working (shhh). They gave Karelle, Julia, and me a lot of bling as departing gifts - bejeweled earrings and hairclips and bindis - and lots of hugs. I will miss those sweet ladies!

I'm not sure what to expect from China. We're studying agricultur and we'll be working on our host families' farms so we know it will be a rural village. We're going to be taking Chinese lessons every day, since our families won't know English and I probably can't even say Nee-how right (HA). I'm excited for the change of scenery and I'm excited for all the surprises.

This is taking me eons to type since none of the keys in here are functional so I'm going to be ending this post here. Wish me luck with the Chinese y'all! Off to frolic in the farmlands.